Double Jacket (All The Way!)
Finished Double Jacket
This project is a little difficult, and you need to know how to sew. If you don't, just skip this page. You need to know how to sew for this. Sorry, but it's impossible without sewing.
You'll Need: >A structured Jacket >A zip up hoddie (It's good to obtain them from an ARC store. They're cheap, can be really cool, and cost a lot less) >A sewing Needle >A Pencil to mark the fabric lightly >Scissors >buttons >Thread that matches your structured jacket.
Jacket Materials

1. Find a good place to work. You'll need space to lay out your materials and cut and mark them.

2. Make sure both jackets are clean.

3. Put your hoddie inside the structured jacket (Sleeves too) and mark what's visible including around the hood.

4. Take the hoddie out of the other jacket and mark another line three inches away from the first mark.

5. Cut the hoddie along the mark , uncluding the cuffs. Throw away what you don't need to use.

6.Sew along the border (I did this earlier)to keep the edges from fraying too much.

7. Put the buttons into the jacket and swe them in. Put the hoodie into the structured jacket, and mark where the buttons are (cuffs and the back of the hood too).

8. Cut holes into the hoodies whete the buttons are, sweing around the hole as you did allong the borders of where they were cut.

9. Button the hoodie in, and unzip it.

10. Wear and enjoy! The photos go in order to completion from left to right, but might not show every single word for word step above, and the finished jacket is above.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 2
Step 2
Step 2
Step 5
Step 7
Step 7