Regal Ribbon Bracelet
Ribbon Bracelet

I'll give you what you need to know to make this bracelet, but I won't walk you through how to make it completely. Since these are so subjective to design, it'd be a waste really. I'll show you how to do, but it is up to you to do.

You'll Need: >Around 2 yards of ribbon per bracelet >Beads >Scissors

Sqare knots are the regulat knot I use for ribbon because it looks better. I'm using multiple colors to show you what to do but I would only use two at most.

1. Either loop to start (put the two ends together, find the middle,& tape that down and put the other yard under the loose chords of the loop you've done like in the photo) like I am or tie a knot at the top of your bracelet.

2. Take the string on the sides, and lay them apart from the middle so you wont confuse them. Make an L loop with it, going over the middle strands, and make the L on the other side under the middle strands.

3. Put the end of the loop on the left through the loop on the right. Take the end of the loop on the right and put it through the loop on the left.

4. Pull them to get them to knot. Repeat it. The strings will be on opposite sides, so act like they were their to begin with, and do it again.

5. Repeat the knots until it is the dessired length, and tie a knot at the end of the bracelet. If you started with a knot, leave two inches of ribbon after your knot and cut it.

Beading your bracelet:

1. Put a bead onto one of the middle strands and push it aginst the knots.

2. Square knot under the bead a couple of times. Tie a knot and cut the ribbon an inch from that. put the bead through the loop at the top. Tata!

The pictures below show the knotting process (from left to right). They show the loop, a few square knots, and ending the braclet with a bead. The bracelet will twist a little, so do be carefull.