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This project offers a lot of creativity, for those who enjoy abstract painting. It can take time though. Depending on what you like to do. Take it easy, lazy. You don't need to focus for hours unless that's how you paint. Just kick back with some great music, a glass of tea, and paint the day away.
Shirt Materials
Shirt Materials 2

You'll need: >A nice, light, solidly colored shirt. >Oil based Paints. They stay in your clothes when it goes through the wash. >Paint brushes >A peice of cardboard or Matt Board to go in the shirt while we paint it. OPTIONAL: >Paint thinner. Your paint should reccomend a brand on it. I'm not using any because I don't edit my paintings or my photographs, but you can if you'd like.

1. Wash and dry your shirt. A clean canvas is better.

2. After you've washed and dryed it, put the cardboard inside the shirt under where you'll be painting so your design stays on the one side. I'm using Mattboard, but whatever you can use is fine.

3. Paint it (however you want to {like a boss}) with your oil paints. There are no rules, so be creative. Have fun with it.

4. Take out the cardboard.

5. When your shirt is how you want it to look, run it through your washer/dryer or one close by. Tada.

OPTIONAL:Thin the paint a little with the paint thinner. Your bottle will tell you how to use it. If you hate your painting completely, thin it all, wash & dry it, and try it again.

Step 2
Step 3
Step 3