Wonderous Woven Bracelet
Again, I won't walk you through the entire bracelet. I'll show you the basics of starting and ending the bracelet, but the it's up to you. The thread, the beads, it's all up to you. Have fun. You'll Need: >Embroidery Floss. I'm Using DMC Embroidery floss, but you can use what you've got >Beads >Scissors >tape

The Beginnings:

Knot your strings together. Leave a couple inches from the ends of the string to where you want to start your bracelet. Taping it down is a good idea. A yard and a half of string is better to use, because these knots use A lot of string. You'll see that as you carry on with your bracelet. You only need two one yard strings, just cut those in half, and tada. Four.

Left knots

1. Tape your knot down. It's much easier to work like that.

2. Take the strand on the left most side of you and make an L shaped loopwith it, going under the string next to it.

3. Put the end of the string you're looping through the loop, and pull it through. Pull it to the top of the knot.

4. Using the same string, loop it under the next string, working your way to the end with each knot.

5. When you get to the end of the strings and have knotted the last one, pick up the new left nost string and do the same thing, repeating this until you have the desired length.

Right Knots

1. Tape your bracelet down. It'll be easier to work with.

2. Take the rightmost string, and make a backwards L Loop under the string just to the left of this.

3. Put the end of the string you have created the loop with, and pull t through the loop, up to the top.

4. Using the same string, knot all of the srtings in the bracelet, going to your left.

5. When you have knotted all of the strings on the bracelet, grab the new right most bracelet, and continue this over and over.

NOTE: When looping to the left, the bracelet will lean to the left. When looping to the right, your bracelet will lean right. I suggest very lightely ironing it when you finish it.

COOL IDEA: Knot to the left for a while. Then, change it up and knot to the right. It'll zig-zag. You'll need to do both types of knots for a while though. The pictures below are for left knots and under those are right knots.